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The $199 Bathtub Reglazing Mistake

Why should I pay $350 or more if I can get it done for $199?

When choosing the contractor to resurface your bathtub customers must take in consideration that the reglazing process is more complex than just painting the surface.

Anyone can paint a surface and call themselves a refinisher, and you often get what you pay for. The tub looks nice when they leave, and customers feel that they got a great deal until start peeling or the paint just start washed up.

A successful, long-lasting refinishing method is based on sound chemistry and thorough preparation process. Achievement or failure will depend on the technician’s skill and product quality.

How experienced is the reglazing technician?

When you are dealing with a refinishing franchise operation you will often find that the technician has probably gone through a crash course in the process. It is very difficult to learn all there is to know and also become proficient in the physical application in a one or two week period.

DIY bathtub or tile refinishing kits are not the best solution either due to the high failure rate and hazards associated with application. Once they begin to peel you have a big problem. The failed bathtub finish has to be stripped before refinishing again and if you have a professional refinisher do it the overall job cost will increase.

Customers should worry about folks looking for cheap deals by inexperienced contractors who can’t get work and keep lowering their prices. Or accidentally falling for a call center posing as a local company, both are a recipe for disaster.

Choose Quality and Integrity

At Jemco Reglazers integrity, attention to all details, communication, and honesty are what we offer to all our clients. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality service and materials available in the industry.

While working with Jemco Reglazers, you are guaranteed the finest quality, craftsmanship and service there is to offer.

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