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Licensed vs Unlicensed Contractors! The low bit dilemma

The risks of working with an unlicensed contractor

Often homeowners just take in consideration the cheapest estimate in order to decided who is going to get the job; the question that naturally emerge is “what should I pay more for the same work”.


It is also common that most people tend to believe that someone who has a track with a logo, business cards, website. reviews, photos, etc. also have a license, but unfortunately it is not always true.

So before you make your choice, we highly recommend you to check out if the contractor of your preference has or not a valid State license.

Here are just few common scenarios that you make take in account when you choose to work with an unlicensed contractor.

When a problem arise, an unlicensed contractor may assume responsibility or simply disappear. So think carefully of the fact that a contract with an unlicensed contractor may not be legally enforceable.

If this is the case, you most likely will have to assume all the financial responsibilities, if he doesn’t have a license he also doesn’t have an insurance, so in the event of a problem, he has no way to cover this costs.

What happen if they get injured in your property, now you are liable for this accident as well. What if they just don’t finish the work? What if they do a poor job or left a mess behind? What if they do not answer the phone or do not return your calls?

This are just few examples and questions of what can goes wrong. While is true, that not license can guaranty a good job, an unlicensed contractor not always have legal obligations, they most likely won’t have insurance so you and your assets are not protected. Now ask yourself if the low bid is worth the risk.

At Jemco Reglazers we are licensed and insured! Call us now for a free estimate!

To find out if a contractor is licensed in New Jersey click here.