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Bathtub Reglazers
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Toms River Bath Tub Restoration

Toms River Professional Bathtub Refinishing

Looking to restore your old tub to its original, pristine state? We specialize in bathtub repair and refinishing. Proudly serving customers in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, and Union counties in New Jersey.Looking to revitalize your worn or damaged bathtub without needing a complete replacement? Our bathtub refinishing services can save you time and money, and leave your bathroom looking beautiful. Instead of dealing with the hassle of contractors in your home for days on end, get in touch with our team for a quick and painless bathtub solution.

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Toms River Bathtub Repair

Let Jemco Reglazers, the porcelain bathtub repair experts, restore your tub to its former glory. We provide professional bathtub refinishing to customers in North Jersey.

Our bathtub repair and restoration services are the best alternative to the complexities of a full replacement. We can successfully restore tubs of any material, ranging from porcelain to acrylic and more. If your tub looks outdated or has significant damage due to cracking or rust, our quick and effective process can take care of it in a few hours. You’ll have a fully functioning bathroom again in 24 hours. 

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Our Tub Resurfacing Process

We have over 15 years of experience in tub resurfacing, reglazing, and restoration.

Our comprehensive resurfacing process begins with a thorough surface inspection where we clean and fix any damages. This creates a smooth surface for us to begin applying our coatings. 

Once the repair work is finished, we properly protect the surrounding surfaces and remove any fixtures that could get damaged during the process. We properly ventilate the bathroom to prevent the buildup of fumes and lay a drop cloth to protect your flooring from accidental spills. 

Then, we begin the spraying process. To start, we apply a few coats of primer to the entire interior and exterior surface of the tub and allow it time to fully dry. Once completely dry, we go in with our poly-glass resin for a glossy, durable, and protective finish. 

Before we leave, we tidy up our work area and reinstall any fixtures that were removed during the process. Our team will educate you on the drying process and the proper care steps to ensure your resurfaced tub lasts. 

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